Nomen Mariae: Marian Prayer across the Centuries

The Blessed Virgin Mary has served as an inspiration for virtually every composer who has dedicated him- or herself to sacred music. Prayers and antiphons such as Ave Maria, Regina Coeli, Salve Regina, or the Stabat Mater are universally recognized, recited, and performed, and the wide choice of music represents a literal embarrassment of riches.
The Chorus ’s Nomen Mariae program is a concert of Gregorian texts, the music of Hildegard von Bingen, and polyphonic compositions. Within those parameters, a number of choices may be made: a Gregorian “Ave Maria” or “Salve Regina” cycle from the 1900s, Gregor Aichinger’s Tricinia Mariana, and so on.
Selected Performances
University of Studies
Verona, April 7, 2001Basilica of Sant’Abbondio
Como, May 31, 2002Il Canto delle Pietre (“The Stones Sing”)
Ponzate, December 1, 2007Millennium Celebration of the Consecration of the Galliano Basilica
Cantù, June 30, 2008