Hodie aperuit clausa porta

Today a closed door was opened for us, as the snake stifled under a women. Therefore, the flower of the Virgin Mary is shining in the dawn.


The words of this antiphon to the Virgin Mary, open us our Christmas concerts together with polyphony and the Gregorian chants to sing during Christmas-time liturgy.


We like to think about Christmas as a joyful period but also as a deep contemplation time. As a time of cheering and heartwarming words but also reflection.

Our program includes pieces over the shepherds woken up from the angels as well as over the children slaughter by king Herod, soothing lullaby but also reflections about the Incarnation mystery, as in his Hildegard antiphony we choose as a title.


Selected Performances

Parish Church in Montesolaro, Cantù (Como), December 7, 2010
Christmas Concert

Regina Pacis Church in Tosnacco, Moltrasio (Como), December 18, 2010
Christmas Concert